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Happy Monday toddlers 2 families!

This morning we had a play in toddlers 1 room before going outside, Pia and Oliver were using the bbq area to cook some bacon and sausages, Jude and ChenYi were making fire near the tent area and  Bowie, Emilia and River played with the animals and the fenced farm. We all packed away very nicely and went outside. Michael, Emmy and Finn we making fruit salad in the sandpit, Miss Rowena got some spray bottles because it was so hot the children enjoy water play, Alby, Carter, Bowie, Shylie and Elsa sprayed the plants and the garden. They shared the bottles with Emmy, Michael, Oliver, River and Pia.

Then we went inside to wash out hands for morning tea.

After morning tea, the toddlers sat on the mat for a group time with Miss Marina and Mr Lachie. We started with the days for the week as it’s Monday following by the weather and the aboriginal song. Today Emmy said:

-I want to do it Miss Marina, and  Pia, Michael and Finn stood up as well to join her. They all lead the aboriginal song for the rest of their friends, well done!

We also practiced their Christmas songs:

  • He wears a red coat
  • Jingle bells

After out Christmas performance we all sat down and the children picked as book from the library, Bertie & the bear, we read the story and the children behave very very nicely, sitting down and listening like big boys and girls. Enormously proud of the toddlers 😊

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota, Mr Lachie and Miss Marina