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Hello Toddler 2 families we hope that you all had a fun and restful weekend with your family.

We have had a quiet start to the week with some of our friends away today but that didn’t stop the fun and learning! We had our first sport class today which was great, we practiced stomping like a monster using our large muscle groups.  Blake, Taytn, Jin, Lucy, Lennox and Joyce all held hands and in a long line and stomped along “stomp stomp” said Blake as he lifted his feet in the air, we then practiced being a frog and did our best to leap in the air like a frog “ribbet ribbet” they said most of the children preferred to jump on two feet as hopping like a frog was a little bit tricky. We then sat and stretched our muscles touching our knees and toes then stretching our arms high in the air.

Back inside we had our favourite felt boards and finger puppets the children are really loving this and his helping them develop their imagination and language skills Blake and Taytn sat under the table with the cheeky monkey puppets making monkey sounds Blake said “a boo” to  Taytn and he started laughing hysterically at him.  Lucy was loving the doll house today pulling all of the people out of the house and sitting them on the floor talking to them, Jin and Joyce were happy at the playdough table as was Alex they were using the cutters to cut through the playdough, Joyce was rolling hers up into little balls and placing them in a cup Lennox was cooking up a storm in the home corner banging all of the pots and pans together then placing them back in the cupboards.

During group time we sang some of our favourite songs and practiced counting to 10 and the alphabet song which all children are gradually starting to learn.

Thanks for a great day toddlers see you tomorrow 🙂

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