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Hello Toddler 2 families and welcome to Easter week!! We have had a busy day today!! During group time we had a very special surprise from Miss Katherine she bought us some pet fish on the weekend she put them on the table and all of the children gathered around to see them “fishie” said Eve, Sophie, Blake and Jack what shall we name our fish Miss Katherine asked, Taytn started laughing and pointing at the fish as he saw them swimming around.  Jack pointed out that there was one blue fish and one red fish, “look” “look” said Eve and Himaley pointing at the fish, “hiding” she said he when he swam behind the plant. We still haven’t come up with a name for our new little friends but we will as the week progresses.

 Alex showed us a little kitten toy that his mummy brought him back from Sydney at the weekend he was cuddling it a lot.

We then got stuck into some Easter craft decorating some Easter baskets with colourful feathers and little fluffy chickens, again I think that the children had more fun making a mess with the glue than sticking the feathers on their baskets!!

We then had a big play outside exploring the yard and dancing to the Wiggles Blake was getting his grove on dancing to the Big red car swaying his hips and moving his hands up and down Sophie, Eve, Taytn, Jin and Lucy all joined in the fun too!!

Have a great night everyone see you tomorrow!!!

Miss Katherine and Miss Camila J