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DSC01031 DSC01029 DSC01027 DSC01026 DSC01024 DSC01022 - Copy DSC01020 - Copy DSC01018 - Copy DSC01017 - Copy DSC01016 - CopyHello and welcome to a magical Monday in the Toddler 2 room. The weather has been so perfect for an Autumn day as we enjoyed being chased by Mr Blair pretending to be a leopard.Miss Jo sang some songs with puppets and felts that we all enjoyed.Before morning tea we all took part in our sports class lots of running walking jumping and becoming animals and stretching.The teacher told us how good we are so well done everyone keep up the great work lots of physical fun.Please enjoy your photos. Miss Katherine is getting married soon so on Thursday we are having a Teddy bear bridal day celebration,please remember to bring along a teddybear,thank you.To extend out interest in home corner we have added some food boxes,lets pretend shopping.New sensory activities were shells pasta and sealife items with scoops jugs and tongs were used by Joyce,Blake,Sophie,Lucy,Jin, Juha and Eva who all showed lots of interest with, as we discussed the different textures,it encourages language and interactions between the children.Thank you Jin for bringing in your cars car that we enjoyed looking at. Thank you everyone for a lovely day and see you all soon.HAVE A GREAT EVENING WITH YOUR FAMILY BYE FOR NOW.

Miss Katherine and Miss Sue XX