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Hi families!

its been a great day!

For activity time the children enjoyed self selected activities:

  • At one table Miss Dakota offered glitter collaging. Sophia- grace, Carter, Elsa, Michael, Alby, Remi, Pia and Emmy loved decorating their personal bell and made sure it had special kind of shine
  • Miss Marina offered the children present painting! Michael, Oliver, Carter, Sophia, Remi, Emilia, Bowie, Emmy, River, Shylie and Elsa took advantage of this opportunity to get create and experiment with their Christmas colours.
  • In the home corner Alby, Jude, Chen yi, Shylie, Elsa, loved using the santa house to make phone calls and create toys for Christmas
  • Outside Finn, Oliver, Bowie, Emilia and Sophia played on the net and obstacle course

When activity time was over the children venture into the yard to burn off any extra energy.

Over all its been a wonderful day

Miss Des’ree Miss Marina and Miss Dakota