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Happy Monday! This morning the children dressed up in their favourite Halloween costumes.
– Remi, Elsa, Emilia and Shylie looked fantastic in their witches costume
– Oliver was our Ghost BUSTER!
– Alby found a princess dress and said “im a princess” with a big smile
– Bowie, Michael and Finn loved showing off their skeleton clothes
– Jude put on the pumpkin costume and started sing “one little pumpkin smiling”
When it was 8 am the children ventured outside to explore the yard. Bowie said “ I want the skeleton song” and Jude said “pumpkin?”. When we played the Halloween playlist all the toddlers got into the festive mood and danced to the music.
(LO1, LO2 and LO3- Child Initiated: the children enjoy dress-up days and are happy to role play with one another. The toddlers danced to the Halloween songs and used a mixture of gross motor and fine motor skills)
For group time today the toddlers sat down beautifully while Miss Dakota asked some of the friends to identify what day she was holding up and for them to place them on the felt board in the right order. After the days had been placed correctly the toddlers sang the days of the week and Michael shouted “ ITS MONDAY!” great job at identifying the day Michael! As a group the toddlers did the aboriginal acknowledgment and turned on their listening ears ready for a story. Today we read a book about 10 pumpkins, this story was special as he had a touch and feel pumpkin on the front so the toddlers all used their best listening ears during the story so they could have a feel of the pumpkin at the end. “ its spikey” said Emilia. To transition the children off to activity time Miss Dakota asked the toddlers to find her the coloured pumpkin she asked for off the felt board and return it to her. The children are doing really well with their colour recognition and enjoy being involved in group time activities based around this.
(LO5: group time is child and teacher initiated. The toddlers extend on their vocabulary and colour recognition)

During activity time the children participated in the activities that interested them the most.
– Finn, Shylie, Carter, Alby, Emilia, Michael, Emmy, Finn, Chen yi and Bowie loved using paintbrushes as wands and created a foamy spooky spell of vinegar, dish soap and bi-carb. The used the pumpkin buckets as witches’ cauldrons and made up all types of spells and magical mixtures. Finn told Miss Dakota “it feels a sticky hand water” as he moved the dish soap underneath his hands.

(LO4: the toddlers know how to extend their learning cognitively and can elaborate though numeracy. The toddlers learn best with hands on activities. Sensory experiences build nerve connections within the developing brain’s neural pathways.)
– Elsa, Zoe, Oliver,Jude enjoyed using the heuristic play tools to make cupcakes, monsters, stars and drinks for their friends. Shylie and Elsa saw Miss Andressa making stars and asked for her help to create their own stars. Zoe focused on her fine motor and co-ordination skills to stick googley eyes on her playdough and celebrating her creation saying “MONSTER” as she pointed to her creation. Oliver and Jude used the animals with their playdough , stomping their dinosaurs through the big hills of the playdough.

over all its been a great day. Please come dressed in your Halloween outfit tomorrow as well!
Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota, Miss Andressa and Mr Lachie


Please LABEL all your childs items.  We are not accountable for any toys from home that get lost or broken so please leave them at home. We are encouraging the children to take responsibility for their belongs by leaving their toys at home and to play with the toys at kindy. Thank you for all your support. Toddlers 2 xx


We are having a halloween day! Tuesday 27th of october and Friday 30th of October. Please come dressed in a halloween outfit for some fun activities, face paint and baking!

Parent teacher interviews will be Monday 23rd of November 3:30pm – 5pm

Our christmas party will be Wednesday 2nd of December at 10 – 11am

The children will be offered christmas activities, songs and dancing . hope to see you all there