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Good afternoon to all of our wonderful toddler 2 families and welcome to our Tuesday!

Today took us on a learning journey with an Autumn theme, we returned to our recent learning experience where we had been collecting lots of leaves and natural elements from our very own kindy garden. As we arrived outdoors today we were again offered a collection box to collect any garden treasures of interest, these items were for us to explore in our classroom later in the morning. Once indoors and after our yummy apple porridge our children were invited to explore and investigate our big mountain of items that we had collected along with a few extras that Miss Rochelle had brought in from her own garden. We spoke about the colours we could see and how we are in a season called Autumn and what that means e.g. the weather is cooler and the trees are preparing for winter. Children were offered an art experience as a follow up to this activity where they were able to experiment using autumn color themed paints and our nature items for collage. We had lots of fun with most children choosing to engage in this activity, this spontaneously turned into a sensory activity for many as they felt and crunched the leaves noticing how some crumbled onto their page, we also had children that chose to experiment with painting directly onto the leaves, looking at the paint and how it changed their leaf. An amazing learning journey for our little learners today!

Thank you toddlers 2 for a day full of wonder and fun!

Miss Rochelle, Miss Aurelie and Miss Gillian xoxo