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Hello Toddler families and welcome to another fun week of learning with Miss Katherine and Miss Meg. This is Miss Meg’s last week with us so we will be having heaps of fun activities this week and we will Miss Meg in her last week with us!! This morning during group time we discussed the weather using our interactive weather chart “sunny “said Blake pointing out the window, “I can see my home” said Jack. Miss Katherine also discussed how the seasons would be changing that it wouldn’t be summer tomorrow, the weather will start to become a little cooler and the leaves will fall off the trees the next season will be Autumn “Autumn” repeated Jack and Blake.

Today has been a great day we welcomed back Alex who has been away sick he loved being back with his friends.

Jack and Aleks loved the home corner today they were pushing the prams around the classroom with the babies, they also had fun with the food sorting all of it out.

We also explored our nature table from the nature walk that we did last week, Alex and Jack loved it they were sorting out all of the sticks and putting them into containers.  Jack loved sorting all of the sticks and put them in the back of the beach buggie, Taytn was crunching up the leaves and laughing at the noise they made as he crunched them in his hands. Alex also joined in the fun and started sorting the sticks and the leaves into separate containers.

Blake was pointing to the playdough on the bench “Oooooh” he said, we put it on the table and Blake, Taytn, Aleks, Jack and Alex. They all sat for a long period of time squishing the playdough, Alex used the rolling pin to bang the playdough Blake was naming the colours pointing to the playdough he said “purple” then pointed to the cutters and said “red, yellow, blue” Jack was chatting to his friends saying “You don’t squish the playdough only a little bit”

We loved the outside play, tipping water into buckets and then going to water all of the plants we looked at all of the zucchini’s that were growing “ooohh wow” said Blake.

We then came inside for a well earned rest and everyone had a great sleep they must have been tired from busy weekend!!! Thank you so much to the people who have bought in family photos they are displayed on our tree and the children love looking at them pointing to “mummy, daddy”.

Thanks for a fun day!! Miss Katherine and Miss Meg 🙂