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Good afternoon to all of our families and welcome to our magical Monday!

We have had a beautiful start to our week, we welcomed our friends back from the weekend hearing about all the fun adventures everyone had and then enjoyed some of our favourite outdoor activities in the lovely fresh autumn sunshine. Indoors today we engaged in some festive Easter craft, finishing off Easter gifts for our families and practicing with our fine motor skills to peel stickers and draw with our coloured pencils. Miss Rose joined us today as Miss Aurelie is having a nice break, Miss Rose hosted a lovely Easter tea party in our home corner, this was so much fun for the children with many of us gathering around the table to join in. We have loved exploring our classroom today with children choosing many self selected options throughout the morning, our tool table, French wall cards and nature areas were all utilized by our children.

Wishing you all a wonderful evening, enjoy the pics and we will look forward to sharing more magical moments with you all tomorrow!

Miss Sue, Miss Rose and Miss Rochelle xoxo