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Happy Monday toddlers families!

Today we had a baby lizard having a play with the children, Michael and Finn had a great and friendly encounter with it, they were happy for the lizard to climb up their hands and feel the little animal around the hand and arm, they were not scared and neither the lizard, Remi, Jude, Emmy and Bowie were observing very closely but they didn’t want the lizard on their hands.
Michael said: It’s very little Miss Marina! Is doing tickles to me! And smile to his friends
Emmy said: I want to have a turn with the lizard, but I don’t want to touch it.
Finn said when the lizard was on his hand: tickles! Tickles! And laughed.
After Michael and Finn put the lizard in the bush near the rocks so he could go home. Shylie, Elsa and Pia were playing with babies and prams, sitting and patting the babies to sleep.
(LO2 they are showing curiosity and respect for their environment)
Emilia and Bowie were running away from a monster that was following them around the yard. Carter, Oliver, Alby, Jude and River enjoyed making bubbles with Miss Rowena. Sophia was telling everyone that she had been at the zoo, and she saw giraffes, crocodiles, kangaroos and koalas, Michael and Finn were asking her if she had seen dinosaurs and hippopotamus, engaging in conversations about zoo and animals.

Oliver, Carter, Jude and ChenYi also sat on the music mat to play some instruments and make some noise, they enjoy banging and shaking things, they shared and tried to play each one of the instruments on the mat.

We all sat down at the bathroom door to sing some songs and we washed hands before eating our morning tea.
(LO4, children engage in learning relationships, use their senses to explore natural environments and use reflective thinking to consider why things happen.)

Group time:
Miss Dakota sat down with the children to do a group time, she started with:
-The days of the week
-The weather
-The aboriginal acknowledgment
Theu talked about Sophia’s visit to the zoo and she linked it to the Australian animals, they sang the Bushwalk song and they mimic animals like the kookaburra, koala, kangaroo, crocodile, wombat and platypus.
Activity time:

The children chose in between a few activities we prepared for them, they swap and move around the room engaging in their interest.
– Water play at the sensory tray: Miss Maddy helped the children with the water activity, they enjoy filling different containers with water and pouring it on the trays that were full of lentils and chickpeas, they manipulate different volume containers and we also incorporated heuristic play, plastic plant pots, little bottles with lids, geometrical containers, etc. Carter, Oliver, Remi, Alby, Emilia, River, Bowie, ChenYi and Jude spend lot of time on this activity, passing water through containers, and filling up the containers in the sink, balancing and being careful not to drop water on the floor, touching the grains and squeezing them. They all really enjoyed this activity.
– Playdough & heuristic utensils: Emmy, Michael, Sophia, Alby, Pia, Elsa, Shylie, Bowie, Finn and River helped Miss Dakota to make playdough from scratch and they also picked the colour, pink! They all pour and mixed the ingredients, when done they chose their favorites utensils to create different shapes, cutting, rolling, and making balls, sausages, pizzas, cupcakes, etc. (LO4 Our toddlers are involved and confident learners using play to investigate and explore their ideas and creativity)
– Outdoor climbing and obstacle course combined with Drawing with texters at the table: Michael wanted to do a birthday card for his sister Penny and Emmy, Finn, Bowie, Emilia and Remi went outside to draw on Penny’s card. When they finished they played on the obstacle course and climbed the net, Carte, Oli, Remi, Emilia, Alby and River had also a turn climbing. They all shared the net really nicely, giving turn to the friends that were waiting for their turn out of the net, they were being very fair to each other. Well done toddlers! (LO3, our toddlers are becoming aware of fairness)

(LO1, children interact in relationship with others with empathy, care and respect.
LO3 they demonstrate spatial awareness and move around their environment with trust and confidence.)

Such a great Monday for all of us, hope to see you all tomorrow.
Miss Dakota, Miss Maddy and Miss Marina.