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Hello and welcome to a magical Monday in the toddler 2 room as we welcome  our new friend Atlas,who enjoyed time in the outdoors as he explored the garden with the truck.Atlas enjoyed painting a boomerang. We introduced some new baby care items that Lucy,Joyce,Sophie and Eva showed interest in,with feeding,bathing and lets pretend to put on some powder on baby.Jin,Taytn,Atlas,Dylan and Blake spent time using scoops,tongs and jugs to put sealife and shells into containers  as we explore with different materials,as we investigate with  our sensory skills.At the painting table we used red and black paint to put on boomerangs. Miss Thea bought in some puppets and Mr Blair sang the Five Fat Sausages sizzling in the pan it is a great song for counting and we have a pan and plastic sausages as the props that makes it an enjoyable learning experience.Miss Sue told us about her visit to Dreamworld yesterday and she will bring in her photos of the tigers that she saw yesterday.

 Have a lovely evening with your families snuggle up and keep warm as winter has finally arrived. Bye for now Miss Sue  Mr Blair and Miss Thea.xoxoxo