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Welcome to another week in Toddlers two, this morning Alby, Pia and Remi explored the toys in the class. Alby enjoyed home corner while Remi finished off her breakfast. Pia and Oliver played with the blocks in the class. When it was 8 am the children put their hats on and enjoyed playing in the yard.

Outside Jude, Finn, Michael, Carter and Oliver jumped on the cushions and made their own mini obstacle course with the steppingstones. Michael went on a scavenger hunt with a bucket and shovel, he collected special trinkets such as leaves and sticks. At 9 am Miss Kim picked up Sophia, River, Emilia, Shylie and Chen yi for their gymnastics lesson. Miss Des’ree gathered the children on the mat for a group time. we did our routine songs:

  • The days of the week
  • Good morning songs
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment

To finish up the group time Miss Des’ree told the children a story about receiving presents at Christmas time. We discussed manners and saying “thank you” when you receive a present to follow up with our discussion we sung “please and thank you song”. When the story was finished the children transitioned to an activity of their choice Activity time was about learning with our senses.

At one table we focused on the colour red and made red play dough. Finn, Pia, Emmy, Alby, Michael, Carter, Shylie, Elsa and Bowie helped Miss Marina mix the dry and wet ingredients. At another table Mr Lachie focused on the colour green and made a green dough for Oliver, Remi, Emilia, River and Jude to enjoy. Mr Lachie encouraged the children creative skills by offering cup cake moulds. On the last table Sophia Grace, Finn, Emilia, Chen yi and Pia decorated mini Christmas trees with tinsel and baulbs.

When lunch was almost ready the children had a quick run outside to burn off any excess energy.

in the afternoon we celebrated Elsa’s 3rd Birthday with cupcakes and a song.

Have a beautiful night see you all tomorrow!

Miss Des’ree, Miss Marina, Mr Lachie and Miss Dakota