Hello Toddler 2 families we hope that you all had a fun and restful weekend! Welcome to another fun week of learning with Miss Katherine and Miss Tara.

We had a great time outside this morning exploring the garden and catching up with our little friends who we have missed over the weekend!  Alex was straight into digging in the mud pit filling up his bucket with bark using a shovel and then emptying it out again. Blake and Taytn were also having a great time filling up the buckets with bark they sat together at the fence and were looking at all of the cars drive by “car” said Blake and Taytn pointed at a bus that came driving by and then ran off together across the deck. Sophie was loving the bubbles and she had a turn at blowing them, holding the bubble wand and smiling she blew some bubbles out and was very excited to see them go flying over the fence.  Jack was racing the trucks along the deck and laughing as he zooned through the water that was left on the deck from the rain.

We then came inside for a delicious morning tea of fruit salad and yoghurt, after that we then had group time and discussed how the weather was looking a little rainy but that’s ok as the garden needs water to grow, we looked out the window and Jack  said that he could see his house and “It was raining at my home”  Blake  repeated “raining”

We then did some sensory play in finger painting Miss Katherine asked what colours the children wanted to use Jack said “green” Blake said “blue” and Miss Katherine chose pink. Everyone was given a a blob of pain on the table  Taytn  wasn’t shy and got straight into it using both of his hands to mix all of the colours together he held up his hands at Miss Katherine showing her the paint on them,  Jack, Alex, Blake and Sophie  were all a little unsure of putting their hands in the paint but then once they saw  Taytn getting into the paint they followed, Sophie  thought that it might be fun to wipe her pink paint in her hair which was funny she started laughing when Miss Katherine said “ooohh no”  Alex  chose the blue paint and had a fun using his hands to mix through the paint on the table “aaaahhh” he said smiling.

After painting we then had another play outside before having a delicious Nacho’s for lunch and a very well earned sleep.

Have a great night see you tomorrow J

Miss Katherine and Miss Tara