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Good afternoon to all of our wonderful families and welcome to our Monday

Today we officially began our Easter craft, we gathered around to begin decorating our first project ( I can’t say too much as this will be part of a gift from the children to you!) We carefully selected from a palette of Easter colours and got to work, our patients were wonderful as we worked in smaller groups today learning to take turns and wait for our friends to finish. Miss Sue continued to work with the children planting our seeds and watering our seeds from last week, no sprouts just yet but we will post some pictures to show you as their progress becomes more evident. We have read lots of stories today ….some of us a little tired and just feeling like quiet time with the book basket, some of our favorite titles were, “whoever you are”, “Easter egg hunt”, and an interactive sounds book “swim along with me” a finding nemo storybook.

We wish you all an amazing evening an look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Miss Sue, Miss Aurelie and Miss Rochelle.