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Hello Toddler 2 families we hope all of the mummies had a lovely mothers day and got spoilt!! Welcome back Taytn we hope you had a lovely holiday Blake was very happy to see you today. Welcome Scarlett who enjoyed playing with Eva who started recently in our room. Scarlett shared her doll with other children in the class, thank you. Mikaela and Jayden joined us today from the Toddler 1 room and spent time drawing as they smiled feeling a sense of belonging. Emilie and Sophie joined us today and with the rest of the children had lots of physical fun running and jumping into the hoops, as it was our sports morning a green frog hand puppet helped us to get more confidence. WELL DONE EVERYONE. Thank you Mr Blair for spending time with  Juha who enjoys play in the sandpit feeling a sense of belonging. Miss Katherine danced to the chicken dance and the hokey pokey with us which was lots of fun. Painting paper plates and putting glitter on was enjoyed by Taytn ,Blake, Lucy Scarlett, Sophie and Emilie who were using the creative arts to express ideas and make meaning. Olivia loves spending time looking through the coloured glass blocks and Jin enjoyed time with the little cars. Before lunch we had fun exploring with the magnets singing five little ducks and counting to 10 we also sang the alphabet song. HAVE A GREAT EVENING ENJOY WITH YOUR FAMILY.SEE YOU SOON.

Miss Katherine, Miss Sue and Mr BlairIMG_0052