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Happy Monday families!

Today we started the day building sandcastles in the sandpit, Michael said he’s been at the beach on the weekend so he showed his friends how to make a sandcastle, Emmy, Finn, Sophia, Remi and Bowie were using the shovels and buckets to make a big sandcastle all together. Carter, Oli, Emilia and River used chalk to scribble in the blackboard and easels. Pia, Shylie and Elsa created some beautiful shapes with the pins in the pin board, the also made a fence for the animals.

Alby, Remi and Jude were climbing the fort and hiding under chasing monsters and running away from each other. Miss Marina did some face painting because Bowie and Sophia wanted their faces painted, Sophia wanted to be a fairy and Bowie a reindeer, quickly other friends joined the facepaint like Emmy, Michael and Pia.

After a play we sat at the bathroom door to sing some songs and wash our hands, we went inside for morning tea, we had yogurt and fruit, we packed away and washed our hands because we got a bit messy 😊

(LO1 : use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly)


Miss Des’ree did a grouptime with Miss Gillian, they sang the days of the week song and they also did the aboriginal acknowledgment to the land. They talked about Christmas and what do we do during this period of the year, we decorate the house, Santa comes and brings presents! Said Emmy, we talked about the Christmas carols and they all practiced the Christmas songs, they already know most of them! Well done toddlers. ( 5.1 – Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes)