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This morning the children ventured into the yard to explore the outdoors. Alby loved the wooden bikes and rolled around the yard. Sadie, Millie, Mikey, Carter, Remi, Bowie and Finn enjoyed stories with Miss Des’ree on the balcony.  Chen yi, Aubry, and Mason explored the fort and the garden. They gathered trucks and collected items throughout the morning. Claudia, Ava and Pia played with the lawn mowers and found babies to hold on their hips.

After we soaked up all the vitamin D the children came inside to cool off with fruits and yoghurt. For group time today the children requested BOOKS! So we read:

  • There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
  • Counting in 10 (the best book of the day encouraged children to count in various songs)
  • Busters birthday
  • The Gruffalo

After story time the children transitioned to an activity by hopping like kangaroos. For activity time the children enjoyed indoor and outdoor activities.

At the table Mikey, Pia, Alby, Sadie, Millie, Remi, Chen-yi, Aubry and Carter played with the snow. Miss Marina added mini Christmas trees to give the children a sprinkle of magic.

Outside Bowie, Pia, Remi, Sadie, Claudia, Ava and Finn enjoyed painting ginger bread men on the table outside.

Maddy played in home corner with the bottles of wet and dried ingredients. Aubry loved puzzles.

Over all its been a great day

Miss Des’ree Miss Marina and Miss Dakota