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Hello Toddler2 families and welcome to tremendous Thursday. We have had a very busy day today with lots of friends coming to play and learn. We welcome our new friend Lucy, she has been very happy and settled in very well and has found a friend in Himaley who was very accommodating taking her by the hand and leading her to the home corner great work Himaley demonstrating that you can assist other children and involve them in social groups.

At group time we had a “family meeting” and got the children involved in creating some rules for our classroom, Miss Katherine discussed the importance of staying safe in the classroom and outside so that we don’t hurt ourselves or our friends, Hannah said “no running” Eve said “no biting” at the end of our little meeting we clapped saying “Yay to being a great friend”. Eve and Jasper helped set the table for morning tea putting out the chairs and placing the bowls on the table this teaches the children to become responsible little people and that they have a sense of belonging.

We started some Easter craft this morning and extending on the children’s interest in farm animals we made Easter Chickens Miss Tara did a great job preparing all of the things that we would need with the children and they loved using the glue sticks to paste the pieces together, once they dry we will paint them!

During our next group time before going outside Miss Katherine was teaching them about the different sounds that musical instruments can make we each got to choose a musical instrument from the music box and used them to shake up “high” and shake them “low” they did a fantastic job at following Miss Katherine’s actions, we then shook them very loud and they started to scream “oooohhhh” “yaaaaaaay” and then quiet, Eve, Hannah, Alex, Blake, Sophie  and Jasper all put their hands up to their mouth saying “shhhhhhh”. When it as time for” loud” again. Jin was having a great time banging on his drum. As the children have loved singing twinkle twinkle little star Miss Katherine showed them the Japanese version of it on YouTube as Jin and Himaley speak Japanese at home. Even though the English speaking children couldn’t understand the words but still did the same actions as the English Twinkle twinkle little star it was very cute!!

We then went outside for another play and Taytn and Blake spotted the council truck across the road making a new footpath “truck” said Taytn they started waving at the workmen and women and they waved back at them The children were very excited at watching the truck dig the holes in the ground and watch the cement truck pour the concrete in.

We then headed inside for a delicious lunch and big rest ready for an afternoon of fun with Miss Katherine and Miss Tara, thanks for a great day Toddlers see you tomorrow for fun Friday!!

Miss Katherine and Miss Tara 🙂