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Hello Toddler 2 families what a creative day we have had today!! We began the morning outside and had a great time in the water trough we tipped green food dye in it and watched the water go from clear to green Bella, IIlah, Blake and Himaley used the cups to fill with the green water and held them up high tipping them out.  Jack joined in the fun and began splashing around.  Eve balanced through the stepping stones and some were filled with water so the loved splashing and jumping in the water. Alex was happy running up and down the yard and stood on the pavers pointing to the tree he had spotted a baby bird on a branch chirping, he stood and watched it for a while and then waved “bye” as it flew off.

After morning tea we asked the children what they wanted to do Eve spotted the glitter on the bench and said “sparkles” we chose blue and green paper, Eve, Ilah and Himaley sat with Miss Katherine,  Eve absolutely loved it she loved the glue more than the sparkles I think!! “sparkles” said as she sprinkled glitter on her page, Ilah and Himaley loved the glitter more and were sprinkling it all over their page. Blake and Hannah were happy laying on the cushions in reading corner talking to one another about what they could see on the pages. Bella and Jack were the bestest of friends today doing everything together they played in the puppet theatre with a puppet each saying “peek a boo” when the popped out behind the box, they then went to the home corner and started cooking up a storm on the BBQ Bella was putting all of the food on the BBQ and then Jack would take it off and put it on a plate, Alex came along and joined in the cooking putting his food on the table. Jin was very clever making a big car track out of the long blocks he built them the entire way around the mat then zoomed his cars along the track. Everyone also had fun with Miss Jade and Miss Katherine in making Valentine’s day cards we spoke about who we loved and everyone said “mummy, daddy” which was very cute!!!

During group time we had a little chat about our classroom rules and looking after our own belongings helping us to become responsible and independent little people, I am very impressed by how quickly everyone is beginning to settle in and getting know our routine throughout the day Well done Toddlers!!!!!

We hope that you have all had a great dayJ see you tomorrow for fun Friday!!

Miss Katherine and Miss Jade