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Welcome to Thursday in the toddlers 2 room!

This morning Michael, Mason, Emmy, Alby, and Bowie helped Miss Desree carry the big heavy bag of rice to our sensory trays to help prepare for activity time later on in the day. They spent some time at the trays using the different size containers and moving the rice from one tray to another. Once the were done playing at the sensory trays the moved onto making a path out of the pieces of carpet we have in our room. Around 8 am the toddlers packed away the classroom and headed outside to the yard for a big play as we waited for our friends to arrive. Chen-Yi and Aubry arrived and they made their way to the sandpit to dig with the shovels and use the diggers to transport the sand. Miss Rowena brought out the spray bottles as it was beginning to heat up a little bit outside. Bowie, Emmy, Claudia, Alby, Sadie roamed the yard spraying the gardens and the toys to make sure the stayed cool in the heat.

At 9 am Michael, Sadie, Mason, and Millie went to gymnastics.

After out big morning play the toddlers came inside for some delicious morning tea of fruits and toast.