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Hello Toddler 2 families we hope you are all staying dry in this wet weather!! We have loved watching the big rain clouds come over and listening to the rain on the roof Hannah noticed that she couldn’t see the buildings in surfers paradise “ooooh they gone” she said once the rain eased off Miss Katherine pointed out that the buildings had appeared again as they rain had gone away. Yesterday we were looking for planes out the window and we saw a big jumbo coming into land, today Taytn must have remembered this as he pointing to the sky “ooooooohhh” and there was another plane coming into land he was very excited to see it!!

Archer was very happy playing with the cars and the trains he was connecting all the tracks together by himself, Jin then joined in and helped him great teamwork boys!!

We had a bit of a dance party going on today Eve wanted to hold everyone’s hands and dance which was very cute, Taytn wanted to dance with his little cat puppet he found he spun around in circles with it, Hannah and Jake held hands as they danced, Lucy and Jasper paired up and got their groove on, Himaley was striking some cute poses for the camera as she danced. Sophie thought she would start playing peek a boo under the table.

Mr Blair was the baker at the playdough table helping everyone make cookies, pizza and bread Jasper said that he loved pizza, Ilah was making little circles of playdough and using the cookie cutter to make cookies.

Taytn loved the big dinosaur cave trying to climb into the box to reach the dinosaur when he found it he said “rooaaarrrr”banging it on the roof of the box, to extend on some of the children’s interest in dinosaurs we made our own at the craft table using dinosaur cut outs, collage paper and glue they loved it saying “rooooar” when asked what sound a dinosaur makes.

Archer then went off to soccer class and a great time he ran up to Mr soccer man giving him a hi 5 and was very good at following his instructions and running around kicking his ball he loved being out there with all of the preschool children and was learning fast as he was copying what they were doing!

Thanks for a fun day indoors toddlers we have had heaps of fun on this rainy day!

See you tomorrow for Fun Friday  🙂DSC00248 DSC00249 DSC00255 DSC00257 DSC00262 DSC00265 DSC00266 DSC00269 DSC00271 DSC00277 DSC00279 DSC00283 DSC00285

Miss Katherine, Miss Camila and Mr Blair