Hello beautiful families,


Today we have been having a wonderful day at kindy. The children were happy to run and explore the yard when they arrived this morning. The tears are disappearing very quickly if there are some. It is good to see how they are enjoying their new yard. Lots of new discoveries for them.

They ran on the fort, ride their bike, jumped on the steps improving their balance, catch the ball and play soccer. The sandpit has been successful too this morning with the trucks it was perfect as the sand was a bit wet from the night before.

Then we sang some songs like row row your boat and baby shark before coming inside to wash our hands. For morning tea, the children had scrambled eggs and bread this morning. Once they all, finished they went on the mat with miss Sue for a Muppet show. Today, the monkeys came to visit us and had a conversation with the children.  They really enjoying the show and we can hear so many giggles.

Then they were free to choose an activity that was set up, between the book corner, the table with the baby dolls and their little nappies, the train circuit, the puzzles, the Legos and the home corner. They enjoyed the barbecue today and cooking babies oops! It was a beautiful morning where the children had great fun playing together.

Have a beautiful rest of the day.

Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and miss Aurelie