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Hello beautiful families,

We are getting closer from the week end and we hope that you all have a great week like we do in Toddlers 2. So much energy in the yard this morning with this beautiful blue sky and sunshine. The children had so much fun running and chasing each others. Lots of giggles and laughs, and friendships getting stronger. They ran on the fort, slide down the slide one after another.

We had a beautiful morning we had inside the room today. The children jumped into their own activity this morning, it was really busy in the home corner, getting a breakfast ready for the baby dolls in the kitchen. The children liked to play some puzzles and rolled the trucks. The children built the wooden rail for the trains. We had to change our plan to do an activity for Anzac day as they were all playing so well and having fun. We just did a big painting for Maximus who is not well this week with a group photo too. We send him all our best thoughts and wish him a quick recovery. The children had lots of fun to do the hands painting.

They are now dancing to the Wiggles having a great time and repeating all the moves they know by heart following the song. They love the Wiggles so much.  Miss Rochelle did a group time reading Sesame Street books. And for the rest time today we could admire the fairy lights we put on our Eiffel Tower. Looks like the real one 🙂 Great job everyone !!

Thank you so much for today. See you all tomorrow before the week end

Lots of love Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie.