May 16, 2019 Toddlers 2 No Comments

Good evening to our Toddler 2 friends and families! This lovely Thursday all began in the backyard playing with all our toys and friends! We loved racing with bikes and throwing around the ball! We then all washed our hands and sat down around the dining table for some morning tea!  Today’s morning tea was our favourite, it was yoghurt and fruit!!! Yummy! We then scraped off our plates when we were all finished and began to play around the room with all our toys! Today was Zara’s birthday so we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and blew up some colourful balloons! We danced around to music and sang along to our favourite ‘Moana’ Soundtrack. For an activity today we had crafts with Miss Elizabeth. We wanted to extend our nature and animals subject and make some Flies for insects to display around the room. It was a really fun morning! And with all that fun it was time to relax and lately we’ve been loving a bit of yoga before lunchtime. We all did some yoga poses and then laid down with a pillow and enjoyed the tranquil music. Next we ate some lunch. Today we had nacho bowls with vegetables. another favourite meal of ours! After food we all had full belly’s and we were tired, so we all hopped into our beds and slept for a little while, before waking up and going out to play!

Thank you for reading about our Thursday in Toddlers 2

Miss Zara, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Neve.

Happy 2nd Birthday Zara! x


Written by elctoddlers2