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Toddlers 2 – Thursday 17th August 2017

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Our day…

Happy Thursday toddlers families! We have had another new and exciting day in the toddlers room, this morning Miss Des’ree set up our hairdressing corner with lots of new items such as wigs, dress-ups, masks, hair clips, make-up brushes, hair ties and magazines. All the toddlers enjoyed role modelling hair dressers and stylists with Miss Nita and Miss Stacey, we have some very stylish toddlers in the room!

To keep the creativity flowing in the toddlers room Miss Parisa brought out the blue playdough from the fridge, the toddlers loved the cool textured dough in this warm weather and enjoyed constructing with the white drift wood we found in our loose parts area. The toddlers constructed the smallest ideas such as flowers all the way to big islands and houses.

And if that wasn’t enough to keep the fun and creativity flowing Miss Stacey played some nursery rhyme tunes to let the children express themselves through dance and movement

Over all we have had a wonderful day!

Thank you toddlers

Miss Des’ree Miss Stacey and Miss Parisa

P.S Next week is book week and the toddlers love to celebrate any educational occasion, so on Tuesday 22nd of August and Thursday 24th  August  we are inviting the children to dress up as their favourite book characters!

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