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Hello Toddler families welcome to Thursday we have had a very busy day today. Our focus this morning during group time has been talking about our feelings as Hannah brought in a collection of books from her home, When I’m feeling……. Today we read when I’m feeling happy, Miss Katherine asked everyone to show their happy face before we began the story and everyone showed their most beautiful smiles, during the story everyone sat very well listening, at the end of the story we had a chat about what makes us happy Miss Katherine said that going to the beach with her family made her happy and being a teacher helping you all learn new things, Hannah  said her “mummy” makes her happy and “squishie” (which we found out was playdough)  Bella said “playdough” Miss Katherine said “Shall we make some playdough” “Yay squishie” What colour shall we make the playdough?  Bella said “pink, peppa pig and snorted like peppa pig”

 We collected the ingredients from the kitchen, and sat around at the table Eve  saw all of the ingredients and held the mixing bowl “Evie do it “ she said “everyone will have a turn” Miss Katherine said. We all had a turn at tipping the flour and other ingredients in, they were very inquisitive of what the flour felt like dipping their hands into it (and tasting it) Miss Katherine tipped some flour onto the table for them to play with while she went to get the hot water to mix the ingredients together they loved it using their hands to move the flour around the table.

When Miss Katherine got back we watched the water turn pink then tipped it in and watched mix Katherine mix it all together “playdough” yelled Bella  we all got some playdough each  Ilah, Hannah, Eve and Himaley used their hands to bang the playdough and doing their best to use the cutters Alex, Jin Blake and Jack also loved it squishing the playdough in their hands,  Taytn didn’t want to play with the playdough he was happy doing puzzles he loved the emergency vehicles one as they made a sound when he put the piece in  when the puzzle made a sound he looked up smiling.

Have a great evening see you tomorrow for fun Friday.

Miss Katherine and Miss Jade