July 18, 2019 Toddlers 2 No Comments

Hello Toddlers families. What an amazing day we had. It all started with a nice long play in our beautiful yard. Plenty to do and play with for the children and we had a nice calm morning. When we came inside we had some apple and raspberry crumble with warm custard for morning tea. It was amazing. After morning ea we had a lovely interactive group time with children coming up and singing songs of their own choice for us as well as reading some books. After this we got stuck into our activity time. Today many of the children wanted to make sea creatures using the play dough again so we went with this idea and let the children put their creative minds to work and we got some great creations by the children. During this time Miss Bea and Miss Kim came and some of the children had their weekly gymnastics lesson. We also had lots of children playing in our connector block tubs, making some awesome things. After our busy morning we went back outside to play away our energy before we came back in for a yummy lunch of falafals and lemon cous cous. After a big sleep and afternoon tea we went outside to enjoy our afternoon. Great day toddlers!

Miss Elizabeth Mr Lachie Miss Marina

Go Saints


Written by elctoddlers2