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Hello and Welcome to Happy Thursday with the toddler 2 room. Today Miss Rochelle helped in the toddler 1 room with Miss Aimee. Miss Parisa joined Miss Aurelie with Miss Sue. It was so exciting as we had a visit from Easter Bunny with Mr Lachie as they gave out eggs to Henry, Manny, Maxi, Annie, Connie, Mateo, Francesca, Carter, Oliver, Rocky, Isla, Summer, Pip and Birdie. This was such a wonderful experience for the children. At mealtimes today we used Easter plates as a special treat. To continue with Easter we had some egg and spoon races using spoons plastic eggs and little pom poms. Miss Aurelie led the way. Then we were able to put them into little egg cups.This was great for our eye -hand co ordination skills. Please enjoy the photos.

Before stories we danced to Aboriginal sounds and pretended to be animals from the bush or from the ocean. Miss Parisa read some books from  the basket that included talking about friendships and being Happy. Have a beautiful long weekend and we wish you all a very Happy and safe Easter with love from all the toddler 2 team. Miss Sue , Miss Aurelie, Miss Parisa and Miss Larisa with Miss Rochelle OXOXOXXOXOXOXO PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE WITH YOUR PRECIOUS FAMILIES. SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEK OXOXOXOXOXOXXO A very special thank you to Henry’s family for your Easter gift to the Toddler children today. They are in your child’s bag. Thank you oxoxoxox