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Our day….

What a beautiful day Miss Des’ree and Miss Camilla have had in toddlers 2. We started the day off with group time ,Miss Des’ree brought her puppets out for the children to explore. At group time we sang:

–          Humpty dumpty

–          Twinkle, twinkle

–          Colours of the rainbow

–          4 cheeky monkeys

–          Hey Diddle, Diddle

Eve really enjoyed group time and participated in all the songs. Well done Eve!

 To finish our group Miss Des’ree talked about hand washing before morning tea, With the toddlers we discussed that we need to use soap on our hands and put it between our finger to get rid of all the germs. Good Job toddlers!

During activity time Alex, Taytn and Sophie were moving the chairs around the classroom Miss Des’ree decided to join them, the other children saw the fun and decided to participate and together as a class we made a train all the toddlers sat in the train and sung the train song.  to expand on their interest we decided to paint trains as todays art activity, Gin loved painting to much that he did two! Great work Gin!


Miss Desree and Miss Camilla have had a beautiful day. Thank you toddlers! Enjoy the Easter weekend