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Hello Toddlers and welcome to another fun day of learning with Miss Katherine and Miss Jade.

We started the morning outside, everyone was super happy this morning, our new friend Jasper  had another great day exploring the garden and climbing the big fort on his way down he rang the bell and started laughing, he was having a great time getting to know all of his friends in the sandpit.  Jack was looking for bugs with his brother they were looking all around the garden they found some ants and tried to pick them up putting them in the bucket, “oooo I found one ”said Jack “I saw a big spider at my home last night”  Aleks came over and joined in the fun picking up some rocks, he has developed a good friend in  Jack!

Blake was having a great with Taytn running around the yard they also climbed up the fort and sat at the top waving to all of their friends.

We then headed inside for some yummy morning tea, Eve arrived and straight away went to the paint cupboard “paint” she said, Hannah said painting and they both chose pink and yellow paint.  Eve had a great time and started painting her hands with the paint brush then made hand prints on her paper, Himaley also thought this would be fun and copied Eve, Hannah, Blake, Taytn, Ilah and Aleks all had a ball at the table getting their hands covered in paint!

Blake and Taytn again were playing peek a boo in the dress up cupboard which seems to be there thing to do together, they laugh hysterically at each other when one pops out from behind the door. Jin and Aleks were having fun with the sticky bricks connecting them together on the mat Jin  picked out all of the green and yellow pieces and connected them together forming a tower.

Happy birthday to our friend Himaley who is 2 today!!!!!!

Have a great night we will see you tomorrow for fun Friday if not have a lovely weekend!!

Miss Katherine and Miss Jade