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Hello beautiful families,
What a wonderful day we had today full of new experiences and amazing creative play. It was a bit wet in the yard early this morning but it didn’t stop the children to have lots of fun. They pushed the lawn mowers, bounced on the little dragons and made the hoop roll through the yard. They also challenged their physical abilities by jumping from the big blue box. That was so much fun and did it again and again. We built some towers with the foam blocks but the funniest part was to destroy them. And we built them again.

Few of our friends went to the gym then. We came inside for a yummy morning tea with cake and banana. Then the children had the opportunity to choose among several activities set up. The mat transformed into a construction site. The children have shown a lots of method and structure in their building. Meanwhile, on the tables they were a lot happening too. Building helicopters with wooden sticks, one their interest this morning, and Picking seeds with tongue such a great play to improve their fine motors skills.

We had been stopped in our activities then by a fire drill. We all did an amazing job again and getting better each time. When we came back in the room, it was time for a group time. We danced on the mat on aboriginal music and Miss Rochelle had some guest for a puupet show, The rainbow monkey, the monkey with the banana and his friends the crocodile.
Such a busy day we had, full of learning and smiles.

Thank you very much for today
Miss Rochelle, Miss Valerie and Miss Aurelie