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Hello Beautiful Families

A beautiful morning outdoors today, our children were so happy to be greeted by educators in our outdoor yard today. Sand play was utilized a lot with lots of buckets, spades, and various utensils for everyone to explore with their play. The jungle gym was bustling with lots of energy after so much indoor play because of the rain, children were able to climb, cross the wobbly bridge and whoosh down the slide spontaneously creating their own obstacle course with lots of friends following and joining the activity. We bounced on the bouncy dragons and bounced balls to our friends and practiced our balance on the colourful steppingstones. SO MUCH ENERGY WITH BEAUTIFUL BIG SMILES!

A beautiful natural experience was planned for our children this morning, using real straw, paperbark, small branches and leaves we created a real farm experience in our classroom. Children were invited to gather around our experience tray and explore the farm animals in amongst many of the elements they would see on a real farm. Miss Rochelle sang Old Macdonald with the children as they played encouraging everyone to sing and practice the sounds that the animals they were using would make. The French wall picture cards was popular today. The children chose to lay down and examine the cards up close. The children enjoyed the home corner play and took especially great care of our pretend babies. They also engaged with the trains and train tracks today, experimenting with construction and cause and effect play.

The group time today was with Miss Aurelie, our class gathered on our mat area and sat to enjoy some of our favourite stories, after such a busy morning this was a nice was to help transition the children to a quieter environment ready for lunch, Miss Aurelie read Peppa  Pig at the park, Where’s Dad Hiding and Where is Bo Caterpillar, Miss Aurelie also helped the children to practice more of their counting in French, to complete our morning group time, we also practiced our handwashing song before moving to the bathroom to wash our hands, putting into action the steps to our handwashing song, then sitting for a delicious lunch.


Miss Sue, miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie