Hello families!

   We had an outdoor day with lots of activities:

  • Tea party table set up & kitchen with sensory trays to play with oats and penne.
  • Blackboard chalks and brushes.
  • Lego blocks on the building site.
  • Sandpit and sensory tray with water
  • Art tables: we made chicks out of paper cups and feathers.
  • Group time –singing songs –
  • New set up on our obstacle circuit.Finn and Emmy were very happy playing in the kitchen corner with the pasta and oats, cooking meals and mixing in different pots.

Alby, Mason, Claudia and Apollon had so much fun in doing the little chicks,  making the noise of the chicken and also paining their hands instead of the paper cup 😉

Saxon and onyx played together in the sandpit and filled up the water tray with Miss Rowena’s help.

They are loving being outside all day.This morning we talked sang some songs all together so we all practice songs from each room and learn new ones. We did the acknowledgment to the land and we read a book called  There were 10 in the bed, because is related to a song we are learning at the moment.

Alby is enjoying more and more the singing songs, he knows the gestures and he is trying to sing most of them. Emmy, Saxon, George, Apollon and Mason are really good with the gestures and singing. Lazar and Onyx escape from the group time to play in the obstacle circuit.

We just went inside for rest time and we combine the two rooms to sleep together in Toddlers 2 room. They were very tired and fall asleep very quick.



See you all tomorrow


Miss Rowena, Miss Sarah  and Miss Marina

Written by elctoddlers2