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Hello toddler 2 families and welcome to Miss Katherines bridal shower/ teddy bear picnic day!!!

After our delicious morning tea we had some dancing with our teddy bears to the teddy bear picnic song. There were a lot of little groovers getting their groove on swaying their hips to the music. We also helped stick up some teddy bear pictures on the wall, Ilah told us that she has learnt the cowboys nrl theme song (not miss Katherine’s favourite song) but for the love of the game we looked up the song on you tube and sang it together she was feeling very chuffed with herself.

We also enjoyed the big preschool yard climbing up the rope net and using the bikes they had a great time exploring the yard!!!

We then had a picnic outside with the Toddler 1 class for afternoon tea with our teddy bears and had delicious fruit and Miss Katherine bought along some tiny teddy’s as a little treatThanks for a fun day toddlers it is Miss Katherine’s last day tomorrow as she is off to get married please ask mother nature for no rain!!!!!!!! She will return to work on the 9th of May and will miss all of her  little toddler 2 friends thanks for making my little bridal shower special 🙂DSC01120 DSC01121 DSC01122 DSC01123 DSC01124 DSC01127 DSC01129 DSC01132 DSC01135 DSC01137 DSC01138 DSC01139

Miss Katherine, Miss Sue and Mr Blair