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Hello Toddler 2 families we hope that you have had a wonderful Thursday as we have had a great day also! Another busy day with lots of friends coming to play. This morning outside Sophie thought that she would like to take some photos with the camera so she took some selfies with Miss Katherine she was laughing and pointing at the photo on the camera saying “sophie sophie”. Eve was being the teacher again ( I think that Miss Katherine will be demoted soon if Eve keeps this up ha ha ha) she was calling all of her friends over to the mat to sing 5 cheeky monkeys when miss Katherine started singing along to the song she said “no tafen Evie teacher” outside we were tasting the herbs in the herb garden Eve and Sophie liked the basil and Blake and Jin had a taste of the mint. We all held hands and sang the song ring a ring a rosie that Hannah lead the way of the singing and walking around in the circle, Sophie protested when Eve wouldn’t hold her hand but in the end Eve decided to hold her hand Himaley was holding hands with Hannah and saying “Hannah Hannah” as she sang along.

Archer then went off to soccer class and loved it he is becoming a lot more confident in his skills and confidence with the older pre-school children, Ilah, Blake and Jin had a great time at the playdough table, Jin was making his playdough into little round balls and lining them up on the table. We then had a dance party and did some exercise songs we have some little movers and groovers in our class which is very cute to see! We also practiced our counting and read a special story book that Emilie bought in from  home about letters and numbers she and all of her friends loved listening to the book.

Have a wonderful night see you tomorrow for fun Friday and if not have another lovely long weekend 🙂DSC00544 DSC00545 DSC00548 DSC00550 DSC00561 DSC00569 DSC00576 DSC00584

Miss Katherine, Miss Sue and Mr Blair