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Hello beautiful families

What a beautiful time we had in the yard this morning. Children were encouraged to explore and use a variety of self-select options as a blank canvas to start their day of adventure : Sand Pit Play, Jungle Gym, Hurdle Obstacles, Dinosaurs, Building Blocks, Bikes and Bouncy Dragons, Lawn Mowers, A variety of Bouncy Balls. A new activity had lots of succes too, the balancing beams. Children had a great go had it with help and without and and enjoyed improving their balancing skills.

Then we went have the morning tea inside, baked beans and bread with a selection of fresh fruits. Today our indoor activities were based around getting creative! Our children were offered 3 different art experiences with the freedom to engage in one or even all of these activities. Educators invited children to explore freely and engage in what caught their interest, activity number 1 was floor chalk drawing, children were able to get creative with the chalk and develop their core muscles while using lying down and floor sitting positions while drawing, we looked at cause and effect when we introduced some damp cleaning cloths to wipe away the chalk marks “look it’s gone!” they said. The second activity was an extension of our Autumn activity we did earlier in the week. The children were offered to paint with recycled resources a long backdrop for our autumn arts. They had the choice to paint with little woolen string, wooden stick, droppers or kind of little sponges (a packaging material we reused as sponges). The colors available were very in season and they learnt to mix the colors blue et yellow together, They discover it became green. Children were encouraged to experiment with pattern making using different techniques with these different mediums, this activity was welcomed enormously by our children, so much enthusiasm and curiosity demonstrated. Our 3rd activity was a sensory easel activity, we placed tin foil over our easel and invited our children to explore with crayon drawing over the foil.

The group time began at 11am, we began with dancing to the bird dance, we practiced lots of the actions and lots of our friends showed us just how good we are getting at dancing to this song. Story time today began with a book that Annie brought from home, an extension on yesterdays row row row your boat with the Australian animals, Annie’s book was all the way from New Zealand, it contained a mix of New Zealand native animals and Maori mythical characters, this book was such a pleasure to read, and our children loved the musical storyline especially the slippery eel and the haka! Thank you for sharing Annie! We also read Pig the pug a story about friendship and the importance of sharing and caring. We finished of our group time with singing some of our favourite rhymes

  • ABCD
  • One little finger
  • Incy Wincy spider
  • 5 little fishes

We then practiced our handwashing song and made our way to the bathroom to wash our hands and get ready for our lunch.

Thank you Very much for a really awesome and busy day !!

See you all tomorrow

Miss Rochelle, Miss Kaycee, and miss Aurelie