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Hello toddler 2 families!!  We welcome our new friend Archer he has had a super first day loving his new environment and building bonds with his educators Jasper took a liking to Archer straight away and they spent most of the  morning playing with each other which was lovely!

What a busy day we have had with lots of friends coming to play!! We began the morning outside helping Miss Joe put some new toys together Lawn mowers!!!!! They were all very excited once they came together Taytn, Alex, and Eve were pushing them along the grass “mowing” said Eve, “Mower” Alex yelled very excitedly! Taytn then spotted the moon up in the sky and pointed to it “oooohhh” he said smiling Miss Katherine asked “where are the stars”? Taytn said “oh no” holding his hands out.

Ilah & Sophie were having a great time at the water play using the dolphins and whales to splash in and out of the water Sophie was squealing as the water splashed on to her face she then splashed again and started laughing. Eve brought a book to Miss Katherine “story” she said and we sat on the cushions under the tree looking at the shapes and colours books when Miss Katherine asked Eve to name some of the shapes and colours she said “pink, red, yellow, circle then repeated the other shapes after Miss Katherine said them.

We then headed inside for some yummy morning tea after we gobbled that up we had group time with Miss Katherine Lucy, Eve and Jack were the helpers with the weather chart, Eve repeated “Thursday” after Miss Katherine and pushed the slot onto Thursday, Jack told us that he could see some clouds and some sun and moved the slot onto “sunny and cloudy” and Lucy then moved the counter up to the last one number 31 the last day of March!! We then sang the alphabet song at the request of Hannah all of the children are progressing well with their singing and actions to the songs they choose and of course we always have a big applause of “yaaaaaaay” at the end. Next we stood up and moved our bodies around shaking our hands and legs, Miss Katherine began to sing head shoulders knees and toes, all children participated in the actions at the end Eve said “more” so we sang the song again really fast this made all of the children laugh excitedly!! We then sang it slowly and fast one more time! It was then time for free play, Playdough, Puzzles reading stories in the tepee, exploring home corner and making up the train set which Archer loved doing with Jasper!!

Thanks for a great day toddlers see you tomorrow for fun Friday!!!!!!DSC00057 DSC00056 DSC00054 DSC00053 DSC00052 DSC00051 DSC00050 DSC00049 DSC00047 DSC00046 DSC00045 DSC00044 DSC00043 DSC00042 DSC00041