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Hello Toddler 2 families we hope that you have all had a great day! We welcome Miss Thea with us today the children are already starting to form bonds with her which is fantastic!!!

We have been very busy learning about the weather this morning as it has been raining the last couple of days we have had lots of discussions at group time looking out the window and chatting about what the weather looks like “cloudy” said Hannah “I can see the sun a little bit” said Jack. Eve got to have a turn at using the interactive weather chart she repeated the day “Thursday”, “March” and said the number 3 she was very proud of her efforts. We then sat and read a story called “I need a hug” all of the children sat very interested in the story, Sophie, Blake, Eve, Hannah and Ilah all were repeating the words after Miss Katherine during sad parts of the story when the little echidna couldn’t find anyone to give him a hug because he was too prickly they listened with empathy on their faces.

We then went and explored the room, Jin, Aleks, Hannah, Blake and Alex chose the playdough table and had a great time squishing it through their fingers and the playdough cutters. Eve, Jasper, Jack, Ilah and Taytn loved the train set they all helped one another to connect all of the tracks together showing great team work skills and then raced all of the trains around the track.

We then headed outside for a run around and collected some more things for our nature table, we collected some bark, sticks and leaves, Eve  spotted a little baby magpie in the tree it was making a lot of noise Miss Katherine said that maybe the bird was trying to say hello to her,  Eve started waving “hi birdie”, Aleks also waved at the bird and then it flew off and everyone chased it over to the fence.

Have a great night see you all tomorrow 🙂

Miss Katherine and Miss Thea