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Hello toddler 2 families and welcome to Happy Thursday at the hills. Well we were very happy that the weather has cooled down at last although the rain did mean we had to have to stay indoors. As our journey began this morning Rocky, Lenny, Carter, Maxi, Connie and Mateo with some toddler 1 friends helped Miss Aurelie and Miss Rochelle put up our baby Shark that we have been making over the last few weeks. He looks amazing hanging in the room. We really do feel like we are under the ocean.  Henry was happy to see the cows when he arrived and look at the painting from yesterday. Please enjoy the photos. There will be a change with the bags as we are now leaving them outside our room. So you can drop them off under cover and be able to see more photos displayed on the windows and new photos will be in the photo book. You are always welcome to come inside the glass gate. Thank you.

Maxi, Lenny and Manny were helping as Miss Aurelie moved our mattresses around today. New change of setting in the room. Connie, Pip, Annie, Birdie and Isla enjoyed the new look as they were role playing with the dolls. Tumble tots today for Maddy, Rocky, Carter and Mateo and on their return we all enjoyed some morning tea. After morning tea Miss Aurelie took some of the children to the net area and indoors we began our Discovery Garden where we are going to grow our very own plants. Maddy, Carter, Maxi, Annie, Summer, Birdie, Mateo and Lenny were involved today and each child will have a turn so they will be able to take home and watch them grow and have their own book. After morning tea Miss Rochelle read The Easter Bunny comes to Australia that Isla and Connie showed interest with.

Before lunch Miss Rochelle put on the Aboriginal music and Miss Aurelie read some stories to the children and we all loved her puppet show with Danny the Dinosaur and the Piranna who doesn’t eat banana’s. We were ready for our yummy lentil and vegetable rolls and a well earned sleep ZZZZZZ zzzzzz Sweet Dreams and we wish you all a lovely evening with lot’s of love Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie OXXOXOXOXOXOXO