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Hello Toddler 2 families and welcome to Thursday!! We have had another busy day of fun and learning!! This morning we started off the day in the beautiful sunshine playing with the trucks and diggers in the mud pit Blake and Archer were having a great time filling up the buckets with bark and then emptying them out onto the ground.

Miss Katherine then brought out the bubbles, Archer, Sophie, Eve, Hannah, and Zyanna all had turns at trying to blow the bubbles but it seemed a little bit tricky so miss Katherine showed them how to do it and then Jasper wanted to have a turn too and he tried his hardest to blow them which was very cute when he saw that there was bubbles coming out he said “I can do it” very proudly!!

Let all the photos do the talking of our fabulous day!

Have a great night and a very happy Mother’s day to all the mummy’s that aren’t here on Friday but don’t forget about our twilight market tomorrow night to celebrate mother’s day that everyone is welcome to attend, mummy’s nanna’s aunts or any other special ladies in your child’s life. Join us from 6pm- 8pm see you there!!!!

DSC00673 DSC00674 DSC00675 DSC00677 DSC00678 DSC00681 DSC00683 DSC00684 DSC00689 DSC00690 DSC00691 DSC00692 DSC00696 DSC00701Miss Katherine, Miss Sue and Mr Blair