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Hello families!

This morning the children played inside until 8 am. Chen yi, Carter, Alby, Mason and Remi explored the construction tools. The toddlers enjoyed going around the room and pretended to fix up broken toys, doors and books. In home corner Remi and Emmy played with the bottled dried food, Mason, Millie, pia and Ava explored the magnets. When it was time to go outside the children brought the magnets to the yard. When Sadie, Finn, Aubry and Bowie arrived the children played on the bikes, chalk board and with the exercise board. When the children finished soaking up the warm sun they came inside to enjoy some delicious morning tea of fruits and yoghurt.

(LO1.3.8  Children celebrate and share their contributions and achievements with others. LO22.1.11 are playful and respond positively to others, reaching out for company and friendship. Child initiated)

Group time:

Miss Des’ree started the group time asking the children what day of the week was today, some of them guessed that today is Thursday! So they sang along this songs:

  • Days of the week
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Christmas songs

After our routine the children transitioned to an activity of their choice.

(LO5.1.1 engage in enjoyable interactions using verbal and non-verbal language. Teacher initiated)


Activity time:

For activity time the children moved around the room selecting the activities they were interested.

  • Christmas tree decoration: Carter, Emmy, Finn, Michael, Chen-Yi, Bowie, Mason, and Sadie used the art and crafts materials to decorate their own Christmas tree. Using the tongs they picked out some glitter and added it to their art, “it’s for Christmas” Emmy said, “ I love Christmas Emmy” Michael replied.


  • Outdoor climbing and obstacle course: Alby, Ava, Oliver and Aubry enjoyed using their muscles to pull themselves up along the rope to get to the top of the climbing net. Aubry helped Ava make her way across the mini obstacle course and Alby joined in their celebrations for making it across.


  • At another table Pia, Claudia, Chen-Yi, Carter and Millie worked on their fine motor skills as they used a pair of tongs to try and retrieve the balls and Christmas decorations from the tray that had a maze of tape over it. All children did well and showed great focus and concentration.



(LO3.1.4 seek out and accept new challenges, make new discoveries, and celebrate their own efforts and achievements and those of others

LO4.1.7 persevere and experience the satisfaction of achievement. 4.1.8 persist even when they find a task difficult. Teacher and child initiated)


Overall we enjoyed our day at kindy 😊 hope to see you all tomorrow.

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota and Miss Marina.


Please LABEL all your childs items.  We are not accountable for any toys from home that get lost or broken so please leave them at home. We are encouraging the children to take responsibility for their belongs by leaving their toys at home and to play with the toys at kindy. Thank you for all your support. Toddlers 2 xx


Parent teacher interviews will be Monday 23rd of November 3:30pm – 5pm

Our christmas party will be Wednesday 2nd of December at 10 – 11am

The children will be offered christmas activities, songs and dancing . hope to see you all there