Hello Beautiful families,,

Welcome in Toddlers for the first Thursday of the year. It has been a incredible week so far. The children enjoyed the yard all together this morning. They liked to play with the truck in the sandpit, climbed on the bridges and go down the slide. They also enjoyed to ride their bike. Before transitioning inside, miss Sue did her muppet show on the deck. She introduced us a new friend the rainbow monkey. He talked to us about all the different colors. The children loved it.

Then we had a good washing hand before the morning tea, followed by a play in and out. We did some drawing with miss Aurelie. We also built a snake with the legos while other children were playing jumping in the hoop. The children liked to hide in the cubby house, and play in the home corner. Inside they enjoyed the farm with the animals. Thank you very much for bringing few phones yesterday, the children loved it and pretended to call their parents today.

Thank you very much for the fun day today.

Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie.