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Hello beautiful families,

We are having a very calm, happy and wonderful Tuesday here in Toddlers 2. The children enjoyed a play outside early this morning. They ran and explored the yard and looked for their favourite toys. A shower came to disturb their play, so we ran inside. The children sat down on the mat for a group time with miss Rochelle. Miss Rochelle read a story book about the Gruffalo. A special edition to celebrate his 20 years old. After enjoying the story, the children were free to explore the room or do a painting activity with miss Rochelle. Most of the children decided to paint the Gruffalo and did some collage to give him some teeth. The children really enjoyed this activity.

They also discovered the tray with the natural resources, a mix of leaves and pebbles, They used the shovels to grab them. This was a great sensory play they enjoyed. The animal farm has been really successful too meanwhile few children like to investigate the book corner with miss Aurelie,  We went for another quick play outdoor before having the muppet show on the mat with Miss Sue. The dinosaur and his teeth came to visit us with his friends, Marshall, the frog,,, She also made some noises with balloon that the children laughed a lot about. They talked about the days of the week, and the different parts of the body. They had fun playing a game with miss Sue. Miss Sue was doing different movement and they had to imitate her all in silence. They did so well.

Thank you so much for a day full of smiles and laughs.

Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie