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Hello beautiful families,

It’s been such a wonderful day in Toddlers 2 ! We love being back in the yard every morning with the children with this amazing weather. We set up the yard with a course obstacle this morning. The children ran, slalomed, jumped and improved their balance. They liked to play again with the balloons. Few of our children went to the gym and we went inside washing our hands to get the morning tea. This morning the children had a piece of cake with green apples and rockmelon.

We had a great morning inside this morning doing the activity and  listening to music from Nancy Sinatra to Georges Mickeal. Everybody was in great mood and relaxed. The children enjoyed painting a little basket which is going be part of Mother’s Day project. The children played with miss Aurelie using the rings from different wooden toys. They were also pretending to play some musical instruments like piano, guitar and flute. While few others like to lay down and relax on the mat.

For the group with miss Rochelle this morning, she had a special guest, Elmo! The children listened to 2 Sesame Street stories, “Love” and “All tucked in”. Then it was time to wash hands and get ready for the lunch.

Thank you so much for anothergreat dag in toddlers2

Love from miss Sue, miss Rochelleand miss Aurelie