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Toddlers 2 – Tuesday 14th January, 2020

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Outside the children explored:

  • Musical instruments
  • Book corner
  • Trikes
  • Mini obstacle course
  • Music

Jai, Arlo, Jude and Adam enjoyed exploring all the toys in the yard they gravitated to the bikes and the slide.

This morning we decided to join the toddlers 1 class for morning tea in the yard, before we ate Miss Marina gathered the children in front of the bathroom and went through the correct hand washing procedure and engaged the children by singing our hygiene song “top and bottom”.


When the children finished eating we gathered inside for another group time. We went through the aboriginal acknowledgement and then we sung and did the actions to:

–         The days of the week

–         ABC’S

–         Open shut them

The children all sat very well and participated as much as they could

During group time Zephyr, Ella and Franki copied all the actions to hygiene song singing along and practicing the actions before going into the bathroom.


Michael and Jai knew all the actions to the acknowledgment! Wow ! well done friends

For activity time the children enjoyed self selected activities such as:

  • Home corner
  • Shaving foam sensory exploration
  • Blocks
  • Animals
  • Music and movement

Today we put our sea theme on pause and observed the children’s self selected interests.

Arlo, Adam, Elsa and Shylie loved playing in home corner and used the props in the area to cook and socialize.


Elsa, Ella, Michael, Jai and Jude loved the sensation of the shaving foam and experimented with the texture on the table


Zephyr played with the blocks building on the lego tray while franki sat next to him and explored different types of animals

Over all its been a great day in the toddlers room.


See you all tomorrow

Miss Des Miss Dakota and Miss Marina


Written by elctoddlers2

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