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Hello Toddler 2 families and welcome to terrific Tuesday it was a rainy day today but we managed to get outside for a play early this morning before the rain came over Blake, Liam, Taytn, Ming and Dylan were having races with the scooters on the deck and laughing at one another as they got to the other endof the deck they were also waving at all of the cars that came driving by “oooooh bus” said Taytn as he saw a big school bus driving up the hill. Hollie, Eve and Sophie were playing in the tent playing peeka boo with Miss Katherine, Miss Katherine then pretended to be a scary monster and say “Raaaaaaaaa” the girls opened the tent and yelled Raaaaaaaa back at Miss Katherine. Joyce had a visit in the pre kindy room as she is transitioning up there soon with Jin, Joyce was happy to havea  visit today where Jin chose to stay with us today which was fine as we were painting some fruit salad pictures to put on our healthy eating wall.

We hope that you have all had a wonderful day see you tomorrow 🙂

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