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Hello Toddler 2 families happy Tuesday we hope that you have all had a wonderful day! Today we welcomed our new friend Charlize, she has had an awesome first day exploring her new surroundings and made a little in friend in Himaley who was a very kind friend helping her settle in patting her back and showing her around the room.

 During group time we again discussed the weather on our weather chart Hannah said “sunny” pointing to the sky Eve said “blue” when Miss Katherine asked her what colour the sky was, we also spoke of the importance of drinking lots of water when the weather is very hot so our bodies stay healthy.

 Hannah and Bella wanted to do some painting they picked blue and pink paint, Miss Katherine found some alphabet sponges and gave “H” for Hannah “B” for Bella, “E” for Eve, “A” for Alex  they had a great time using the sponges to soak up the paint and then print it on to their page “Blue”  “evie do it” said  Eve “ooooooooh” said  Taytn as he dipped his sponge in paint.

Blake and Taytn were interested in the beach buggy cars zooming them along the floor “daddy’s car mummy’s car” he said as he sped them along the floor, Jin approached the cars also and have fun speeding them along the floor.

During group time before lunch we were practicing all of our friend’s names and Miss Katherine and Miss Meg’s pointing to each friend which was very cute it is great to see everyone feeling a sense of belonging in the class. Everyone has been interested at singing twinkle twinkle little star the last few weeks so Miss Katherine mixed it up a bit today and showed everyone a Japanese version of twinkle twinkle little star we had Himaley and Jin who speak Japanese at home and they loved it and sat very attentive Himaley and Eve stood up holding their hands up in the air singing along in English.

 Alex then had his first Tennis lesson with Miss Carol and did a marvellous job (if you would like your child to participate next Tuesday please write your child’s name on the green sheet at the sign in desk) Alex was trying to hit the ball with the racquet he loved running around collecting the tennis balls and trying to throw them over the net. It was then time for lunch, we ate a delicious Lasagne and some salad before having a big rest!! Have a great night see you tomorrow

Miss Katherine and Miss Meg