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 Welcome to Tuesday!

This morning the toddlers ventured outside to soak up the sun and warm our bodies. In the yard Miss Marina set up a miniature obstacle course filled with steppingstones and balancing beams. Alby, Chen-yi, Jude, Adam, Michael and Sadie used the obstacle to build on their balancing skills and agility. Levi found the wooden bike and took the vehicle to the veranda. Elsa and Shylie used the lawn mowers as prams and took a stroll around the yard.Jude and ChenYi explore their artistic side using the easels and chalk to scribble. Pia, Remi and Emilia played in the sandpit and enjoyed the texture of the grain. Rafii, Connor, Maddie and Sadie danced to the Christmas music playing from the speaker, their favourite song to dance to was “rocking around the Christmas tree”.

After our play in the sun Miss Marina invited the children on to the mat for a group time. we started off with:

–          The aboriginal acknowledgment

–          Days of the week

–          Weather observation “cloudy but hot”

–          Christmas song

To finish up the group time Miss Marina did an interactive story on the board.


The toddlers collaborate with her singing the Santa song and telling Miss Marina how to draw Santa, what colours he wears and what he does, we end up drawing a beautiful picture of the Christmas day with presents under the a very well decorated Christmas tree.