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Happy Tuesday!
This morning Alby, Pia, Remi and Jude explored the nail board with the elastic bands. The toddlers pulled and stretched the material over the nails and practiced using their fine motor skills. When Adam and Michael arrived we ventured in the yard to explore the outdoors. Carter, Jude, ChenYi and Max have been climbing the trees and the fort, they’ve been showing great skills at climbing lately. Pia, Sadie, Connor, Shylie, Emilia and Elsa sat with Miss Des’ree at the soft matts and tell stories, they also practice some yoga and stretching after the story time. Levi and Connor picked a couple of bikes and went up and down the wooden deck and the bridge looking at each other and smiling.

The Christmas show was filled with festivities! Sadie  and Pia dressed up as Rudolph, Emilia was a snow fairy, Michael dressed up as an elf, Jude was the perfect penguin and Remi was Ms Clause. Through out the show Shylie and Elsa jumped and danced. Rafi, Levi, River, Chen yi, Adam and Maddy moved their body to the beat and tried their best to learn the songs.


When the show was finished the children went back to the classroom to explore the Christmas activities.

  • Sadie, Rafi, Shylie, Connor, Michael, Adam, Carter and Remi loved sensory snow and enjoyed the cool texture on their fingers
  • On another table Elsa, Adam, Maddy Emilia, Sadie, Levi, Jude, Alby and Pia loved the playdough activity and used cookie cutters and Christmas decorations to get creative.

On the last table Rafi, Shylie, Alby, Carter and Remi did a group project and made a class wreath.

We had a great and fun day today.

See you all tomorrow.

Miss Des, Miss Dakota, Mister Lachie and Miss Marina.