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Hello beautiful families,

Spotty came back from his holiday in Toddlers 2 today with a lot of new stories to share with the group. We loved your photos and reading about your adventures.  We had a great morning outside this morning. The Music was playing and the children dancing. Miss Stacey showed them some great moves. Lots of activities were on :

  • Sand Pit Play
  • Jungle Gym
  • Hurdle Obstacles
  • Dinosaurs
  • Building Blocks
  • Bikes and Bouncy Dragons
  • Lawn Mowers
  • A variety of Bouncy Balls

We also played with the balls and the balloons chasing and catching them. Before morning tea Miss Stacey played some favourite songs and we sang along with our toddler 1 friends. So much fun as we counted, jumped and danced more about to the music.

When we came inside, children were able to explore and self-select from our shelves and play spaces over the morning with activities including;

  • Train table and train tracks
  • Puzzles
  • Home corner
  • Book and literacy area
  • Cars and trucks
  • Threading boards

We continued with more handprints as we made our own wreaths using green paint on the plates. We will take them home when finished for Anzac Day. Tomorrow we are going to put our poppies on. Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie played a parachute game with the children then. Laughs and smiles were on all the faces. We had so much fun.

After we had danced to the Wiggles Miss Rochelle sat with the children and read Where is Dad Hiding and Peppa Pig hand puppet. Singing along to Old Macdonald and other favourites everyone enjoyed this special group time as we got ready to wash our hands as we sang the hand washing song.

Thank you everyone for today and we are looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

Lots of love

Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie